Collection: E-Ruck Electric Swap

We're super excited to introduce Project E-Ruck! We've set up a pre-order listing for $1,000, and this money will go toward setting up your E-Ruck just the way you like it.

You can make your E-Ruck unique by using the "Configure Your E-Ruck" listing. This will give you a rough idea of how much your customized build will cost.

Right now, we're aiming to start shipping out kits by the end of December, and it might even happen a bit sooner. We think this timeline is pretty doable, but we'll keep you in the loop if anything changes.

We're getting our batteries from ChiBatterySystems, and the range might vary a bit. We'll have a more precise estimate once we've finished our prototype. Right now, we're thinking it'll go about 40 miles on a single charge if you drive conservatively, but that's just a rough guess.

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